Legal and technical introduction to the use of indoor UAS

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) cover a wide range of applications not only outdoors but also indoors. The use of UAS has already been successfully tested and validated in some of these fields of application, such as factory layout digitisation or internal material transport.

The current state of technical development of UAS for flight control, collision avoidance and flight performance basically allows the use in production operations. It is still unclear which legal and thus also insurance-related, technical and operational prerequisites must be created by applying companies for the use in production operations. This white paper discusses these questions.

A technical and operational risk analysis is then presented, which is supplemented by a catalogue of measures for the proper introduction and use of UAS technology. Potential risks are considered, even though the risks can be reduced by safety mechanisms and appropriate sensor technology as the degree of automation of UAS increases.

Quelle: Pressemitteilung, 16.04.2021

Niedersachsen Aviation