volaer.io Drone-Service in Lesotho

In this ambitious humanitarian example project, drones are the guarantor to provide better access to urgent basic needs for the population in remote and isolated regions in Lesotho, South Africa.

The focus of this project for us is to provide communities living in remote areas with food and basic medical supplies such as vaccines, medicines and other medical supplies to help fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and COVID.

The greatest challenge in Lesotho is the poor infrastructure. Remote and mountainous regions are hardly or only with difficulty accessible by normal road. Often there are no paved roads or paths. A developed public transport network in the bush does not exist. This is our starting point. With drones, medicines as well as food can be transported over long distances at short notice, independent of missing or dilapidated infrastructure (roads and rails).

Read more about the DAASIL project here.

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