Information for profiles on FLYBOTS

If you want to become a part of the FLYBOTS community, please follow these steps:
The following link will take you to the registration:

  • Create your user profile. As a Username, please enter your first and last name. This data will only be visible to you and the site administrators.
  • Confirm your input with "Create new user account".
  • The system will send you a confirmation e-mail. If this is not visible, please check your spam folder. We will activate your user profile as soon as possible.
  • After the activation, you can log in to the FLYBOTS website again and set a password.
  • Now, you can create a profile for your establishment. To do so, click on the field "Add a profile for your company / your network / a location / a research institution, a technical article and other entries here" on the right side at "My actions".
  • Select "Company page" or "Institutions" (Depending on the function in which you have logged in.).
  • Now, enter the data of your institution or company. The data entered here is visible to all users within the portal.
  • After you have saved your company and/or establishment profile, you will find it listed under providers in the respective area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Celina Kiesling (0511 35 77 92 23 | any time.


As a registered user, you have the option to create a company profile to introduce yourself. Besides the entry of basic information, it offers space for extended descriptions, the upload of product descriptions, the linking to social media channels and videos.

How to create a company or establishment profile

To do this, click on the corresponding link after registration and activation. A profile will be created and you will enter the input level. If you represent a site, a network or a research institution, you can create and edit the corresponding profile in the input mask provided (institutions).

The profile areas

Profiles are divided into different info blocks. The entries made there can be edited/updated as the owner of the profile at any time.

Basic information

Enter the basic information about the company here. Please refer to the help notes below the input fields.

Extended information on profiles

Extended information includes links to videos. These are displayed embedded within the info box. A direct upload is not provided. Product images and digital documents, however, can be uploaded.

Tip: You can change the order of the entries whenever the arrow cross appears on the left side. Simply drag and drop the entry to the desired position and save your entry.

Information on industry sectors and applications

Here are multiple entries possible. For multiple selection of entries from the list, please use the shift key. If you do not find applications and/or industries relevant for your company, please use our suggestion form.

Marketplace, Projects and Events

As a FLYBOTS user you can present and offer your projects, advertise in the marketplace and announce your events. The entries are automatically marked with your user name.

Note on events: Expired events are automatically hidden. This process is automated. An intervention after the expiration of an event from your side is not necessary.

Note on projects and marketplace entries: In your own interest, please make sure to keep projects and marketplace entries up to date. If a project or marketplace entry is no longer up-to-date, you can simply deactivate it by unchecking "Published" at the bottom of the page and clicking "Save" again.


Information about text formats and links

As a FLYBOTS user, the formats Bold and Italic, as well as paragraph, link and enumeration are available to you within texts. For images, videos and files you can use the upload fields provided. You can set a new paragraph simply by pressing the Enter key. For a simple break, please use Enter + Shift. 

Where to find your posts/entries

The posts, profiles, events, projects and marketplace entries you have created are displayed as a list on your personal profile page. From there, you can access the respective posts and edit them.


You want to document that you are active on FLYBOTS? Here you can find the FLYBOTS-Logo in two versions for print & online media as download (*.zip) >