FlyNex und starten Kooperation and FlyNex will jointly sell solutions for unmanned aircraft systems.

FlyNex offers software solutions for the corporate integration of unmanned aerial vehicle systems and also has extensive know-how regarding the legal requirements for the use of unmanned aerial vehicle systems. FlyNex is among others known for its interactive map “MAP2FLY”, which provides considerable added value for the safety of drone operations with over 10 million security queries. also has integrative software solutions and uses them for control rooms for drone applications for companies and operates a digital booking and management platform for drones. Together with partners in metropolitan regions, offers its customers a large, locally available network of drones. These can then be booked for occasional use for individual drone missions.

Together, they will now work side by side as equal partners to bring drone solutions for a wide variety of applications and areas of application to industrial customers.


Gilbert Linn