FLYBOTS made in Niedersachsen

Shaping the future - at all levels. Lower Saxony stands for innovative solutions as one of the world's leading mobility locations. A central future field is the commercial application of UAS (= FLY) in combination with robot technologies (= BOTS) to enable / offer special tasks / applications and services. FLYBOTS - autonomous, flexible, modular. From autonomous individual delivery in urban metropolitan areas to the field of surveillance and reconnaissance - the possible applications and associated services are as diverse as life itself.

On FLYBOTS.INFO, we inform you about the different application areas, the relevant industries and the projects in Lower Saxony. Companies present their innovative products and services and report on current developments. In addition, the spotlight is on trends, perspectives and knowledge.

We work on future topics with innovative strength and know-how. We would like not only to inform you about them, but also to get into conversation with you.

Applications - modular, flexible, innovative

UAS combined with robotics in the commercial environment. A wide variety of applications for business and society already exist and the development has just begun. Transportation, surveillance, categorization, surveying, inspection, localization, commissioning, sorting, assembling, imagining processes of all kinds, acquisition - there are no limits to the possible applications. Experience it.

New perspectives for many industries

Modern FLYBOTS for every sector. Within more and more industries, the potential is being recognized and FLYBOTS are being used. In addition to agriculture, logistics, surveillance and science, the technology is also becoming increasingly important in the construction industry and mechanical engineering. Learn more about smart scenarios and solutions.

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FLYBOTS Techtalk: 5 questions to Christian Kaiser (Copting GmbH)

Christian Kaiser (CEO Copting GmbH)

In our "Techtalk" we would like to know more in detail and begin our interview series with Christian Kaiser, Managing Director at Copting GmbH. We wanted to find out which products and services have good prospects for growth from his point of view and which skills are crucial for drone training. Also important: Which wishes does Christian Kaiser have for politics and the development of the market.

Germany wants to implement drone zones promptly

Today, Droniq GmbH and its parent company DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH published their recommendations for action for the establishment of U-Space areas. The findings collected are based on a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). With

U-Space Regulation: Interim results from the UDVeo research project published
U-Space Regulation: Interim results from the UDVeo research project published
Flight tests with re­al and vir­tu­al drones
Drones au­tonomous­ly nav­i­gate heav­i­ly con­gest­ed air traf­fic
AERO Friedrichshafen 2022 – UAS Special Event (BOS)